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Honey Lemon Loaf

Pan Dulce

Cinnamon Saucer

Crumb Cake


  Our little customers also enjoy the other flavors that

we offer:  Vanilla, Orange and Cinnamon.

Tasty like a muffin, but easier for little mouths to eat.

These definitely deserve a spot on the breakfast menu.

Smart Snack Compliant

  These little loaves of sweet bread are perfect for breakfast or a snack.

They come individually wrapped and meet 2 servings of grain.

All of our bakery items have clean ingredient statements.

For more information, product specs,

 or to request a sample, contact any of our reps.

Smart Snack Compliant

These soft and gooey treasures are baked and never fried. They are 51% whole grain and meet

2 servings of grains.

The kids will think they are

out of this world!

Our beautiful new Crumb Cakes....

Just one look and the kids will be groping for these.

It's also a great way to get them to drink their milk.

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